[3'33'', 2012]

Producer: PWSFTviT


Look at your hand from really close, choose a spot and stare at it for a moment, until you see a landscape. When the veins become rivers and trees you can watch Carnalis and the film will stay in your mind for a long time.

film by: Anita Kwiatkowska-Naqvi

cinematography assistant: Piotr Matysiak

artistic supervision: Piotr Dumała

[festivals and screeinigs]

12. Melbourne International Animation Festival, june 2013, Melbourne [AU]

14. The Festival of Amateur and Independent Film KAN, april 2013, Wrocław [PL]

18. National Author's Animated Film Festival OFAFA, march 2013, Cracow [PL]

10. Łodzią po Wiśle Student Film Festival, april 2012, Warszawa [PL]

5. International Animated Film Festival Animator, june 2012, Poznań [PL]

12. Interntaional T-mobile New Horizons Film Festival, Polish short films competition, lipiec 2012, Wrocław [PL]

8. Giraf Animation Festival, october 2012, Calagary [CA]

31. Młodzi i Film Festival, short film competition, september 2012, Koszalin [PL]

Se-ma-for film festiwal, special screening: Walki w Klatkach, 2012, Łódź [PL]

Puppet Theatre Festival Meetings, Akcja animacja, october 2012, Toruń [PL]

4. Door Film Festival, april 2013, Gliwice [PL]

3. Animocje Animated Film Festival, march 2013, Bydgoszcz [PL]